Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

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Further Details:

Programmed Ointment Manufacturing Plant is employed to get ready cured homogenized emulsion of Wax and Water to a specific definition. It is valuable for assembling of creams, balms, glues and gels for pharmaceutical and corrective ventures. It comprises of 3 vessels:

a) Jacketed Water Phase Vessel of sufficient limit as indicated by group size of the item to warm the water to a predetermined temperature as per plan.

b) Jacketed Wax Phase Vessel to dissolve wax of required detailed amount to determined temperature.

c) Molten wax and heated water at that point exchanged by Vacuum to Jacketed Main (Reactor) Vessel through channel and the pipe lines laid in the plant, Medicinal fixings as indicated by recipe of the definition included, at that point prepared at steady temperature under 400 mm Vacuum with persistent mixing, homogenized till it turns into an emulsion with predictable thickness.

Heating process of the Ointment Manufacturing Plant can be Electrical/Steam/Thermic Fluid. The capacities are going from 50kg to 1000kg. All contact parts are fabricated with predominant quality SS 316/SS 316 L review hardened steel material, where as other non-contact parts are made out of SS 304 material. The coatings are made out of M.S., cladded with SS 304 so as to meet the benchmarks of GMP.

Automatic Ointment/Cream Manufacturing Plant is used to prepare homogenized medicated emulsion of Wax and Water to a specific formulation. It is helpful for manufacturing of ointments, creams, gels and pastes for pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. 

It consists 3 vessels:

a) Jacketed Water Phase Vessel, of sufficient capacity according to the batch size of product to heat the water to a particular temperature in accordance of formulation.
b) Jacketed Wax Phase Vessel, to melt wax of requisite formulated quantity to a particular temperature.
c) Then molten wax and hot water transferred by Vacuum to Jacketed Main (Reactor) Vessel, through a filter and pipe lines laid in the plant. Medical ingredients according to the formulation formula added and then processed at a constant temperature under 400 mm vacuum with continuous stirring. After that it is homogenized till it forms an emulsion with consistent viscosity.  

Heating can be Electrical, Steam or Thermic Fluid. Range of Plant Capacities is from 50kg to 1000kg. All the contact parts are made of SS 316 / SS 316 L grade stainless steel material, and other non-contact parts are made of SS 304 material. M.S. Jackets cladded with SS 304. This matches GMP standards.